Manufacturing - Our highest contributing industry

Servicing domestic and global markets, the Bathurst Region’s manufacturing industry is a major contributor to the local economy.

Local manufacturing is a well-established industry in the Bathurst Region, accounting for over 50% of our exports and contributing to nearly 20% of our GRP. The industry employs nearly 2,000 persons, or 9.4% of total Bathurst Region employment. Employment in manufacturing has increased 30% over the past 5 years.

A range of global reaching food manufacturers operate across the Bathurst Region, including SimplotMars and Devro, with Nestle Purina operating out of nearby Blayney (30 minutes from Bathurst) and Ferrero located in nearby Lithgow (45 minutes from Bathurst).

Bathurst is not only home to large food manufacturing operations, but also locally grown food manufacturing and processing businesses, such Fish River Roasters, McDowells Herbal, Stone Pine Distillery and Bathurst Grange Distillery. The region’s specialisation in food manufacturing has also led to the growth of several specialist firms providing maintenance and services to our growing manufacturing sector.

In addition to food manufacturing, a strong timber processing industry is also based in Bathurst and nearby Oberon, with Allied Timber (AAM Investment Group) operating out of Bathurst and Borg and Highland Timber located in nearby Oberon (40 minutes from Bathurst).

The increasing automation of the manufacturing industry, coupled with our strong agricultural sector and presence of Charles Sturt University, provides significant opportunities for technology, innovation and ag-tech based companies to operate in the Bathurst Region. Visit our Technology industry page for more about our growing tech sector.

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