Bathurst Region at a glance

Stats and Facts for the Bathurst Region

Take a look at the key statistics for the Bathurst Region. Can't find a stat? Check out .id Community or Contact our Economic Development team.

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Our Population

2020 Population

44,000 people

2041 Population

58,600 people

Population Growth

1.3% per annum 

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Our Location

Distance to Sydney

Under 3 hours

Transport Options

Plane, Train and Car

Catchment Size (2020)

135,000 persons

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Our People

Median Age (2016)

37 years

Largest Age Cohort (2016)

20-24 year (7.6%)

Weekly Household Income (2016)


Average Household Size (2016)

2.5 persons

Couples with Children (2016)


Median Mortgage (2016)

$1,670 per month

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Our Workforce

Interconnected Workforce

75,000 workers

Bachelor or Higher Degree (2016)


Largest employing sector

Health Care and Social Assistance

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Our Economy

Gross Regional Product (FY20)

$2.43 billion

GRP Annual Growth (2015-2020)

2.2% per annum

Highest Contributing Sector


New Dwelling Approvals Value (FY21)

$176 million

Value of Exports (2020)

$1.5 billion

Number of Businesses (FY21)