Assumption Primary School

Assumption Primary School, 192 Mitre Street, Bathurst,2795

Assumption Primary School

Assumption Primary School is are a primary educational organisation committed to the delivery of quality learning and teaching.

At The Assumption School, we have a proud history in Bathurst, beginning in 1952 when the Sisters of St. Joseph first established the school. From those beginnings, our school has grown and changed into a vibrant contemporary Catholic community where children are known, valued and cared for. What has stayed the same over the years is the vital role that our school plays in our community providing quality Catholic education and ministry.

At our school, children are nurtured in their faith, in their wellbeing and in their learning. We provide an education which is holistic, grounded in a flexible, rigorous curriculum and offers our children opportunities to let their gifts and talents shine. Our school is a happy place to be where children are at the centre of all that we do. Learning is prioritised and our talented staff are committed to responding to the needs of each child with adaptive, engaging teaching. Our children are given opportunities to think critically, to participate in a wide range of experiences and are encouraged to be optimistic, compassionate and informed members of society.

We are blessed with beautiful learning environments at our school. Our children have opportunities to shape what happens here by working together and having voice and influence about the things that affect them the most.

Our school is known for the strength of our community and is supported by strongly connected families. Guided by Gospel Values, our community is one where rich relationships are fostered and where each member is encouraged to flourish in life and through their work.

So, welcome to The Assumption School. We know you will feel the love, faith and compassion of our community the moment you become part of it. If you would like to know more about our school or inquire about enrolling your child, please contact me via the front office.