Best Paw Forward

Best Paw Forward, , Bathurst,2795

Best Paw Forward – Obedience training for your dog

Best Paw Forward offers a comprehensive obedience training program for your dog, available either in 8-week group classes or 6 week private at-home sessions. 6-week Puppy Program available, individual consultations.

Best Paw Forward offers 8-week group classes, or 6-week at-home programs – both for puppies and older dogs – for individual clients.

Best Paw Forward is dedicated to helping you build a relationship with your dog that helps them make the choices you’d like to see for behaviour that makes them a good family member and all-round canine citizen.

All classes comply with COVID-19 regulatory requirements.

During the current COVID restrictions for the Bathurst area, and to protect all those wishing to have Sunday training, group classes will be postponed until lockdown is lifted.

However, individual programs are available upon request; please contact Ingrid for your training needs, either with the Puppy Program or a program tailored for your growing or adult dog, by phone or email.