Greer Films

Greer Films, Durham Street, Bathurst, ,2795

Greer Films

Greer Films is a creative studio focused on delivering unique, custom & professional marketing materials to clients. We range in business, personal, entertainment, creative & event video production. Offering our clients more than video, our studio also provides local media custom solutions, refresh or new website builds, marketing solutions & custom designed vehicle signage to expand a clients current advertising footprint.

Why did we create Greer Films?

Our goal is to empower other businesses, individuals or organisations to think outside the square. Creating unique and custom solutions is one part of this goal. The other includes working with clients to discuss dreams, goals and strategies to achieve.

We have developed our way of achieving personal and business goals in one.

Now we want to share that with as many other like minded people across Australia as we can. We are in constant communication with our clients across Australia with the help of Zoom & Live Chat.

We are here to empower you and find the right solution for you.