Maaloufs Restaurant

Maaloufs Restaurant, 52 George Street, Bathurst,2795

Maaloufs Restaurant family run business offering Authentic Lebanese dishes

Dine-in & Takeaway
Tuesday – Saturday: 5pm – 8pm

Maaloufs Lebanese Restaurant – Maaloufs Bathurst want to welcome you into a place that they hold close to their heart, a slice of their home that they want to share with you. For over 20 years we have collectively as a family run a business have offered the Authentic Lebanese dishes that were passed through generations of our family in a little beautiful town called Douma which we would like to call it home.

Maaloufs Restaurant Bathurst consider Lebanese cuisine to be a gorgeous product of the country, its history and its people. Rooted in traditional recipes and cooking methods, much of Lebanon’s cuisine has remained close to the chefs heart providing Bathurstians with the opportunity to taste the flavours of Lebanon. The dishes are made to pure perfection, and from the heart the way it was once made in the home of the Chef from Lebanon. Come dine in fashion and culture with Authentic Lebanese entrees, dips, main courses and delicious sweet desserts. Allow us to show you our amazing culture and share with you a range of soulful food.