St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School

St Philomena's Catholic Primary School, Lloyds Road, Bathurst,2795

St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School – Love, Faith, Justice

St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School – As educators at St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School we are dedicated to the formation of the young and we accept our presence among the young not as a mere task, but as a mission. We are committed to establishing a Christian community wherein Christian values are communicated among ourselves, among the parents, and with the young.

Our aim is to help the children develop spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, socially, culturally, physically, and to help him/her to learn.

As a Catholic School, we have an important role in fostering the Spiritual and Moral development of the children in our care. We strive to integrate religious truths and values with daily living, keeping abreast of social and technological changes, preparing them for the adult world of which they will become part. At St Philomena’s we attempt to meet and challenge the individual and collective needs of students living in today’s multi-cultural society. We draw enlightenment and inspiration from the example and teachings of The Sisters of Mercy who came to St Philomena’s in 1901, and stayed for over 80 years teaching and spreading the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ.
St Philomena’s School is part of the Cathedral Parish of Ss Michael & John and our School Chaplain, Fr Joshy, is a regular visitor to the school and classrooms. Through its philosophy, the Catholic School fulfils the mission of the Church in accepting the mandate of Jesus Christ Himself. “Full authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth: go, therefore and make disciples of all the nations … Teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you”
– Matthew 28:18220