Live in Bathurst Region

Bathurst Region is the gold standard for regional places to live.

Connected, smart, innovative and so very beautiful.

Here we have seasons: Real, distinct, colour-filled, weather-ranging ones that take you on a gorgeous 365-day sensory journey.

Live in the Bathurst Region and you'll never regret it. You're amongst friends, with great cafés, restaurants, parks, Mount Panorama-Wahluu, the winding banks of the Macquarie River-Wambool and beautiful, expansive skies.

Live here and you'll enjoy a beautiful backyard, close connections to cities via road, rail and air and a vibrant community strong sense of identity and place.

We have high speed internet services, excellent mobile coverage, a growing economy, and lots of options for businesses looking to buy or lease land and residents looking to buy or rent homes.

We have everything you need to live, study, work and play in Bathurst Region.



We have a beautiful natural environment, four distinct seasons and an enviable array of recreation and cultural facilities supporting our engaged community.

We are renowned as a centre of education excellence, with Charles Sturt University's Bathurst Campus, TAFE Wester Bathurst Campus, Skillset, Verto and other regional training providers choosing to base their key education, training and development offerings here.

If you'd like to see some of the beautiful attractions, discover events and activities in our region, visit the Bathurst tourism website .